Software Development

Software Development

Eirtight has developed a quality ten-step project process that offers the following life-cycle points. This process is applied to all projects that involve systems integration software, application development, engineering software and other software projects. Our Software Services team are the first point of contact to start describing a business issue or problem, and consultation with other experts will be provided as needed so that we develop an appropriate solution or software design for your organisation.

All software projects go through the same software development lifecycle, whether they are

Eirtight is unique in our ability to provide all 4 development resource solutions.

We develop systems using the following technology

Systems Integration between different products and bespoke applications


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Design & Architecture

Configuration Management

Software Development Process

Cloud Computing
A particular strength of ours is our knowledge and experience in implementing cloud-based applications. Cloud-based software, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), has many unique advantages over traditional software, and over the life-cycle of a product or project can save huge amounts of time and money:

To discuss the migration of existing software or systems to a cloud-based environment, or the development of a new cloud application or service, please contact us.