Software Support

Software Support

Software maintenance and support can have two meanings in the software sector. It can mean:

a) the maintenance of a software project after Eirtight has delivered it into a production environment or

b) it can mean the act of taking over a 3rd party’s software code and providing support on it for a client.

a) Post Project Software Maintenance

Eirtight provides post go-live software support on all of it’s projects. We always strive to provide excellent customer satisfaction. We are experienced software developers and operate a very open and honest client relationship which is typified by our flexible, transparent support arrangement.

We will provide software support for our systems, at a yearly fee, for their lifetime in an organisation. We operate an online support ticketing system which matches with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that has been agreed with each client. Often we recommend that our clients gather up new business requirements into mini-projects for our software development and software testing teams to work on. We do not tend to act on each single requirement as it is logged because this tends to lead to the software product becoming a patchwork of fixes/upgrades/changes. Allowing this to happen would be a breach of our duty of care to our customers with respect to delivering a robust, reliable, high quality product. Our industry experience proves that this is best practice.

b) 3rd Party Software Maintenance

Eirtight is often asked to “take over” software which has been created by a third party and now needs to be overhauled due to its daily instability, aged technology, lack of ease of improvement or the third party support costs.

We offer this service to our clients because it is a fact of the software industry that systems get old and cannot change with the times due to the speed at which our industry changes. Our software developers are skilled at extracting the business understanding out of existing software solutions and defining a clear software upgrade path for our customers.