Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Integrate business or technical systems across multiple areas of your organisation or within specific departments or groups.

Enabling communication between different technical and business systems within your organisation provides significant opportunity to create savings and efficiencies. Some of the benefits of systems integration include:

  1. Shorter/reduced steps in the business process
  2. Faster processing of data through the system
  3. Better end-user experience and lower support costs
  4. Better reporting capability
  5. Fewer system errors and less information duplication
  6. Lower maintenance and internal product support effort required
  7. Reduced expenditure on IT personnel
  8. Lower administrative and service delivery cost
  9. Improved organisational communication and data accessibility
  10. Better data security and integrity

We have experience with large-scale multinational integration projects that involve centralisation of data and intercommunication between systems on different continents, as well as with complex software and hardware systems that facilitate new technology roll-out, system expansion, or business diversification.

Eirtight can assist from the initial planning stages of a project, through to final system implementation. Projects we have worked on have saved tens of millions of euro annualised for our clients in the past 2 years, and we continue to work on long term integration projects in the US, Europe, and South America.