Software Outsorcing

Software Outsorcing

Eirtight provides software outsourcing services for both software development and software testing. We bring many years of experience in the software industry to bear for our clients and consistently match and exceed their varied levels of business need. Our team of business analysts, software developers and software testers take the time to understand the business issues facing our clients and then help them to design and deliver solutions that successfully lower costs or improve productivity.

Eirtight provides high-quality software development services across a range of industries. We have extensive experience in developing mission-critical systems and deploying them into organisations of all sizes. We have worked in and specialise in the following industries:

Eirtight’s ability to apply appropriate consulting and analysis skills to a company’s business processes provides the platform for a successful software project. Once specific, measure able goals for the project are identified and agreed with a client our software team works closely with our client to design a technical solution that will integrate into existing business processes and technical systems. This co-operative approach is a key factor in improving our clients businesses and therefore enables Eirtight to build successful long term business relationships.

Outsourcing some or all of your software projects can bring several key benefits to your corporate technology strategy. Foremost is the fact that software development may not be your businesses core skillset. Eirtight’s team are experts in delivering Microsoft technology solutions built on MS SQL server, .NET v2.0 up to .NET v3.5, javascript, Silverlight, and other cutting edge tools. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest technologies and getting the most out of them for our clients.

Most companies have created a home grown development team to serve their internal systems needs. However it is often difficult to have all of the necessary technical and delivery skills present in the team due to the wide variety of issues presented to this team. It is also very challenging to have these skills at the appropriate high skilled levels. Therefore it is often a sensible course of action to find outsource partners to fill these gaps in your team. Many organisations will find that it is the volume of outstanding project work that drives them to select an outsource partner to take the overflow of work at key times for their business.

Eirtight has built mutually beneficial relationships with clients of varying sizes and needs such as Dell Inc, SGS, McInerney, Wordbond, and Clear Blue Water. The testimonials we have received from our clients prove that we can deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions to their companies in a way that brings them into the software development process and gets the best out of the knowledge that their internal staff already have about their business.