What we did

Three Directors of a leading Irish Residential Childcare provider ‘Positive Care’ grew frustrated with paperwork, inefficiencies and difficulty with company growth. Their care workers were spending a substantial amount of time manually recording daily logs, incident reports and compiling information for external requirements. It was taking their valuable time away from the young people in their service.

A move to electronically recording information was decided; however, the software options available were limited. None were up to regulatory standards, incorporated all aspects of required recording or held the desired level security for keeping such sensitive records.

As a result, Eirtight designed and implemented software that helped address these service needs.

What they said

“We are moving into the final phase of the second software development project that Eirtight has carried out for our company. Throughout both projects Eirtight has striven to and succeeded in understanding our company and the environment within which it operates, carrying out a thorough business analysis from which a solid scope of work has been clearly defined. This has meant that we have had a clear methodology with which to judge the end products, and in both cases the end products have met our needs and expectations, in some ways exceeding them. Their developers have liaised well with us, cheerfully translating software concepts into plain language for us and creating software which reflects our policies and procedures and vastly improves the quality of the service we provide and the accounts we provide of that service. Eirtight has provided value for money. If we had not been happy with the first development they carried out for us, we wouldn’t have gone on to enter into the second, and now, nearing the end of the second, I would still be happy to recommend them to others for software development.”

Ann Pendergrast, Director, Resiflex Ltd.