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Web & Mobile Apps



Whether you’re seeking to create customer-facing or internal-only web and mobile apps, businesses in every sector have embraced the mobile revolution to create new business models and address existing operational problems – but ultimately to gain an edge in their market. We can show you how industry best practice can be applied in your organisation.

The continued rise in the use of smartphones and tablet devices has brought with it a surge in the use of customised apps and web-based tools used by business. There are some often overlooked challenges that should be considered – such as the fact that although mobile and web apps and websites should be designed to be functional rather than just entertaining, user-interfaces need to be intuitive and engaging in order to guarantee end-user buy-in.

So how can modern website and mobile-enabled systems benefit your organisation?

Addressing some common concerns:

When building web and mobile apps for use by employees and partners rather than by consumers or the public, there can be concerns around how sensitive data can be protected, for example. Below are the three most commonly raised concerns, and how they can be comprehensively addressed:

Eirtight can work with you to understand and address the priorities and risks associated with deploying mobile systems in your organisation. It’s time to go mobile.

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